Visual Snow Initiative

Visual Snow Initiative Launches Fundraising Campaign

The Visual Snow Initiative has launched a fundraising campaign to support new research into visual snow. Money raised will go towards a Visual Snow Global Research Fund and support the full-time research of experts working towards finding a cure. At the time of writing the campaign has already raised over $6000 towards the $50,000 target.

The Visual Snow Initiative

The Visual Snow Initiative is a public charity under the fiscal sponsorship of the Edward Charles Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN# 26-4245043. The Visual Snow Initiative organised the earlier Visual Snow Conference event.

“The Visual Snow Initiative, founded by Sierra Domb, was established to increase awareness for Visual Snow, build a community for those who suffer from Visual Snow, and to generate the capital necessary for research and medical advancements. Thus far, the Visual Snow Initiative has successfully collaborated with leading research scientists on a global scale, connecting experts with the most advanced technologies available in neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, and neurobiology. Our goal is to help those with Visual Snow live and enjoy their lives without fear. Together we will find a cure”

Visual Snow Global Research Fund

The Visual Snow Global Research Fund is contributing to the research of some familiar faces from the Visual Snow Conference:


Dr. Peter Goadsby (Professor of Neurology – Kings College London)
Dr. Owen White (PhD, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians – Monash University Melbourne)
Professor Joanne Fielding (Head, Ocular Motor Research Unit – Monash University, Melbourne)

Dr. Victoria Susan Pelak (Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology – University of Colorado, Denver).

The fund is however open to other researchers if they can demonstrate their commitment to finding a cure:

“Funding for additional physicians and research scientists will be made available on a case-by-case basis; in order to qualify, one will need to show their protocol and commitment to finding a cure for Visual Snow. Ultimately, the decision to fund or not will be made by the founders of The Visual Snow Initiative.”

Funding Allocation

The campaign is aiming to raise $50,000 dollars (approximately £38,000 or €43,000). The donations are (where applicable) tax deductible and “100% of donations will go directly towards advancement of the Visual Snow Global Research Fund.”

“All funds will go directly to the Visual Snow Initiative through our official fiscal sponsor, the Edward Charles Foundation. The Visual Snow Initiative will provide documentation with the researcher’s protocol together with the cost of research to The Edward Charles Foundation. The Founders of The Visual Snow Initiative will instruct The Edward Charles Foundation to disburse funds directly to each of the institutions above. If there is a shortfall, the funds will be disbursed equally as a percentage of ask. To the extent there are reserves, they will be held in escrow at The Edward Charles Foundation for future use.”

The Campaign

The campaign is being run through Crowdrise, a crowdfunding website. On Crowdrise everything is organised into teams: so you have the option of either joining an existing team (the default being the Visual Snow Initiative team) or creating your own one. For example the fundraising campaign also features the involvement of pre-existing Visual Snow charities such as the Eye On Vision Foundation and the Visual Snow Syndrome Foundation, who both have separate teams.

If you join the campaign you will also be able to control your own individual fundraiser page, to which others (e.g. friends and family) can donate. A leaderboard shows how much different teams and individuals have raised.

To see more information about the campaign or to get involved you can head over to the campaign page

For more information about the Visual Snow Initiative you can check out their website

Play Video

A video from the Visual Snow Initiative about the campaign. If you decide to join the campaign why not make your own video?

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