Progress Report 20/04/2018

Up to now I have made good progress with my diet and improved my overall understanding of visual snow, speaking to many readers personally has also helped me learn – thank you to those who have been in touch via email or social media. Now it’s time to step things up and for me to start doing more myself. I will be writing about my personal experiences and progress more frequently in this blog section.

What Has Already Been Covered

There are many more theoretical topics waiting to be covered but looking back at what has already been discussed in a short period of time, I think it’s been a good start.

What research has found out so far

Where visual snow may be more common geographically

The natural approach to treatment that anyone can follow

A quick guide to elimination diets

The potential benefit of Quercetin as a supplement

Future treatment possibility in the form of brainwave therapy

This Month

  • I have committed to regular exercise and stretching, as well as been attempting to reduce my use of electronic devices.
  • I started taking Quercetin more regularly and have also started taking passionflower again.
  • I have gradually been relaxing my diet again and including some new foods. As part of this I finally tried A2 milk (cow milk with a2 rather than a1 beta-casein) to see if there would be any return to symptoms. There wasn’t any change that I immediately noticed. I may occasionally now buy A2 milk or goat dairy to further test things. But in any case, I no longer view dairy on the whole as being a particularly healthy food, just a convenient one.

Next Few Weeks

  • I am going to (try to) commit to taking cold showers, take a closer look at fasting and will be researching the vagus nerve.
  • I am researching bacteria, enzymes, and exploring adding more fermented foods to my diet. I am considering starting on a ketogenic diet.
  • I am going to start exploring various supplements again – I seem to have a greater sensitivity now but also know better what to realistically expect.

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report 20/04/2018”

  1. Hello from Romania. Another brother în battle here .. started 1 year ago after being floxed (adverse reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotic).

    After a ton of time researching and tests I have found out that indeed my symptoms seem to be related to gastro intestinal issues: dysbiosis, inflammation of the gut, iron, zinc and vitamin defficiency, high oxidative stress (very positive DFS70 markers). My gut flora got really hard after the Levaquin.

    Reply if you need more info. I respect your research and battle!

    1. Hello, thank you for commenting and sharing. I respect your battle too brother 🙂

      I would be very interested to know more, such as what you were taking the antibiotics for and how you have gotten on.

      1. I’ve been prescribed Norfloxacin and Levofloxacin for a UTI in May 2017 and seems I had a really bad reaction to it: insomnia, peripheral neuropathy, GI issues, brain fog, tinnitus, weak muscles, painful joints, slurred speech, memory loss etc.

        First 3 months were a nightmare, but I slowly recovered and I was doing quite well until January 2018 when I had a relapse and my VS got worse too.

        I did notice that when my GI got bad, my VS got bad. I am pretty sure that is the cause, but I have no idea how to solve it.

        I am now on a GAPS diet and taking probiotics and digestive enzymes to help. I have mineral & vitamin deficiencies because of the gut got nuked and can’t absorb properly.

        So that is what I am working at now. I also know I have high oxidative stress and want to make some Glutathione shots and Ozonetherapy to help with that.

        Most people I’ve read online that have VS also have GI issues and oxidative stress (bulb!)

        Hope this solves as I heal the gut because it’s driving me nuts sometimes.

        1. Thanks for sharing. Adressing those GI issues and the oxidative stress is definitely worthwhile I believe. I think in general you are taking some good logical steps.

          Make sure you research the ozone therapy and injections fully before commiting to any decisions.

          Good luck! And keep in touch, my email is

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